Divorce Doesn't Have To Tear Your Life Apart

Yes, ending a marriage comes with challenges. However, it is possible to minimize the emotional stress and financial impact. The best way to safeguard your future and avoid needless pain is to work with a lawyer who can guide you through the process with empathy and discretion.

At The Law Office Of Ian M. Richetti in Bethlehem, you will find a divorce attorney who offers the reliable representation and hands-on service you deserve. From day one, you can trust Ian to handle your concerns with understanding. Call him at 484-626-0721 today.

"My mission is to be here for you from the initial divorce filing until the final resolution — and beyond. Even if things change and problems arise years down the road, you can still turn to me for legal help." — Attorney Ian M. Richetti

Why It Simply Makes Sense To Avoid Litigation

Divorces are typically difficult enough without adding the acrimony and expense of litigation. Going to court and making your grievances public tends to make negative emotions worse. It can also be very stressful for children to be caught in the middle of a litigated divorce. In the vast majority of cases, negotiating a settlement is best for everyone involved.

While Ian is more than willing to go to trial if needed, he recognizes that litigation should usually be a last resort. His goal is to help you transition to the next phase of your life as quickly and easily as possible.

Common Myths About Divorce

Many people have misconceptions about what to expect during and after divorce. Here are three of the most common myths:

"I will automatically get half of everything."
Pennsylvania's property and debt division laws are based on the concept of equitable distribution, but "equitable" doesn't necessarily mean "equal." One party may actually end up receiving far more than the other party. It all depends on what is considered fair and just.

"I earn less than my spouse, so I'll certainly get alimony."
Spousal support or alimony isn't a given in divorce. That's one reason that it's important to minimize the costs of divorce and work with a lawyer who can help protect your financial future.

"I'll be able to keep the house."
It's important to be realistic and only keep property that you can afford. For most people, paying a mortgage and property taxes, keeping up with the utility bills and affording house repairs are too much on a single income. Before you negotiate a property settlement agreement, talk with an attorney who can help you understand the long-term ramifications.

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