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At The Law Office Of Ian M. Richetti in Bethlehem, you will work one-on-one with a lawyer who understands how much your children mean to you. You can count on Ian to be your zealous advocate, fighting for your parental rights and the well-being of your children. He will also take the time to get to know you and your kids, developing a legal approach that truly fits you and your needs.

"I'm not an attorney who simply shows up at a hearing, sends you a bill and disappears. I want to build a relationship with you and your family." — Ian M. Richetti

Helping You Become The Best Parent You Can Be

If you want custody of your child, the key is to show the courts that it is truly in your child's best interests to live with you. And the best way you can do this is to improve your parenting skills and increase your involvement in your child's life.

This seems like a simple strategy, but it is extremely effective. Over the years, Ian has found that helping parents improve themselves is the best way to help them achieve their custody-related goals. Let him advise you as well. Simply call 484-626-0721 today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custody And Support

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers:

"Can I get full custody?"
Sole custody is very rare. In most cases, the courts name one parent as the primary custodian and the other parent as the partial custodian. This means that the child will live at one parent's house the majority of the time, with a few nights spent at the other parent's house. However, the parenting time arrangement that works for you will depend on your family's unique circumstances.

"Doesn't the mother automatically get primary custody?"
No, there is no legal presumption in favor of the mother. A father has the same legal standing in Pennsylvania.

"How is the amount of child support determined?"
Child support is based off a mathematical formula that takes into account the number of overnights with each parent, the income of each parent and many other factors.

"If the other parent isn't letting me see my child, do I still have to pay support?"
Yes. Parenting time and support are two different matters. However, you do have options for enforcing court-ordered parenting time, and an attorney can help you with this.

Get Customized Legal Advice

For legal counsel that is tailored to your particular child custody or support situation, call The Law Office Of Ian M. Richetti at 484-626-0721 today. You can also contact the firm by email. The initial consultation is absolutely free.

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